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Note: If you are under 18, are NOT a UK resident, or DO NOT have a UK bank account, you will NOT be eligible.

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Things you'll need before you start

  • Your address history for the last 1 year

  • Your contact details including an email address

  • Income and monthly outgoings

About you

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Marital Status

Contact details

Where you live

Residential Status
Your current address
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Employment & spending

Employment Status

Include salary, pension and benefits each year before tax.

This might be rent, your monthly mortgage payment, or a different kind of accommodation cost.

Add up things like household bills, council tax, food, childcare payments, mobile phone, clothing and travel costs.

How many people are financially dependent on you?
Do you expect your financial situation to change in the near future?

Think about things such as planned retirement, known future reduction in income due to ill health or job loss or caring for a relative or spouse which impacts personal finances.

Keeping in touch

By clicking "Continue", you confirm that you have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy and that you consent to your personal data being used to check your eligibility for credit. If you are not eligible for a Fluid card, you may have the option to view alternative credit products presented by credit comparison experts, TotallyMoney.com, selected according to your eligibility score.